Season 2 – A Monumental Leap Forward

Our inaugural Season 1 wasn’t just the launch of a game; it was the birth of a legacy. It served as a pivotal stress test, during which we gained the confidence that we have the capability to elevate the game to the next level. We meticulously gathered insights, transforming every challenge into a catalyst for innovation and enhancement. Season 1 laid the groundwork for a gaming experience that goes beyond mere entertainment – it’s a journey into a world of strategic depth and wonder.

In the dynamic realm of digital gaming, security and stability are paramount. We’ve not only fortified our platform with advanced security measures but also optimised server performance to an unparalleled level. Our unwavering commitment to these aspects ensures not just smooth gameplay but a safe, reliable, and continuous adventure in the KING Royal universe. 

Understanding the heartbeat of a game lies in its economy, we’ve undertaken a comprehensive recalibration of our in-game economic system. This overhaul is a strategic endeavour to ensure a gaming environment that is balanced, engaging, and, most importantly, sustainable.

Season 2 is our magnum opus, a testament to our unyielding commitment to excellence and innovation. It unveils an expanded world with new attacking zones, each brimming with challenges and rewards. The game’s landscape is enriched, featuring a stunningly redesigned and enlarged map that invites exploration and conquest. This season is about complexity and depth, introducing a wealth of resources and attributes that elevate the gameplay experience. 

The introduction of Magical Gardens marks a significant expansion in gameplay dynamics. These enchanting spaces, purchasable with the in-game currency $ROYAL, open up a realm of strategic possibilities and resource management. Each garden, imbued with its own unique magic, becomes a vital source of rare and valuable resources, essential for players to enhance their journey in the game.

Every element is designed to engage and excite, challenging players to strategize and adapt. Season 2 is not just an update; it’s a reinvention, offering a richer, more dynamic world. As players navigate this evolved realm, they’ll find endless opportunities for glory and adventure. 

The gameplay experience in Season 2 is smoother, faster, and more responsive. We’ve listened to our community, and every tweak and enhancement is a response to your feedback. This is a game built not just for you, but with you.

We won’t kick off Season 2 of KING Royal until we’ve finished all the things mentioned in this section. We want to make sure everything is just right before we start. Additionally, it’s important to note that there won’t be any additional supply required to be minted; Season 2 will launch with the actual supply of 10,000. 

More Detailed information about all new game elements in the comprehensive White Paper.


As we venture into Season 2 of KING Royal, the transformation of $ROYAL into a deflationary token marks a significant strategic evolution. With an ambitious 80% burn of its total supply, $ROYAL is poised to become a cornerstone of the game's economy and functionality, acquiring a new level of scarcity and potential value.


The introduction of Magical Gardens, exclusively purchasable with $ROYAL, underscores its vital role in the gameplay. These Gardens are not just decorative elements; they are strategic assets, providing unique advantages and resources crucial for progress and success in the game. This integration enhances $ROYAL's utility, making it an indispensable tool for players seeking to gain an edge in their journey.


In light of these developments, holding $ROYAL transforms into a strategic consideration, offering players a unique opportunity to leverage the evolving game dynamics. In addition to purchasing these Magical gardens, $ROYAL will grant access to unlocking new attacking zones on the map.


In KING Royal Season 2, a new emission token will be introduced with no presale, no mining, and, in general, free from selling pressure. This token will guarantee a strong continuation of the game, robust game economics, and a stable emission value. It will provide an opportunity to pique the interest of more people who want to feel secure while acquiring KING Royal NFTs.


A new emission token without high selling pressure becomes a powerful attraction for the KING Royal Game. $ROYAL is evolving from an emission token into a highly demanded asset, making it even stronger. Information for the new Emission Token to be released shortly.

Mobile King Royal is set to be a game-changer in the digital realm. As the world increasingly turns to mobile devices for managing daily activities, gaming is no exception. The launch of Mobile King Royal positions the game at the forefront of this shift, tapping into the vast potential of mobile accessibility to reach a broader audience.

This transition is monumental. By bringing KING Royal to mobile platforms, we’re opening doors to countless new players, making the game accessible anytime, anywhere. It’s a strategic move reflecting the global trend towards mobile-first experiences. In a world where mobile devices are integral to everyday life, having KING Royal available on these platforms is essential for mass adoption and engagement.

The development of Mobile King Royal has been a journey of meticulous planning and careful polishing. We’ve dedicated time to ensure the mobile experience is not just a replication of the desktop game, but a fully optimised, seamless adventure tailored to the mobile user. This dedication to quality is evident in the mobile web version, ready for launch in Season 2, setting the stage for the app’s release shortly after.

The significance of Mobile King Royal lies in its ability to bring the vast, intricate world of KING Royal into the hands of players around the globe, offering a level of engagement and immersion that’s unprecedented in mobile gaming. This move isn’t just about keeping up with trends; it’s about leading the charge into a new era of gaming, where accessibility, convenience, and immersive experiences are the cornerstones.

Our mobile version of KING Royal is now complete, rigorously tested, and ready for launch. The mobile game App is in the building phase and will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store at the end of December 2023 – beginning of January 2024. This upcoming release will enable us to run sponsored ads, reaching a highly targeted audience and further enhancing the KING Royal experience

Our vision for mass adoption is grounded in a seamless and intuitive onboarding process, tailored to bridge the realms of traditional gaming and the innovative frontiers of blockchain. This approach is not just about simplifying entry into our world; it’s about crafting an experience that resonates with every player, regardless of their background in gaming or blockchain.

Season 2’s core philosophy is to create a diverse, welcoming, and engaging environment. We’re dismantling barriers, democratising access, and laying down a red carpet for a global audience. This inclusive ethos is reflected in every facet of the game, from user interfaces to game mechanics, ensuring that everyone, from the uninitiated to the veteran, feels right at home in the KING Royal universe.

We’re addressing the seamless onboarding challenge by implementing a solution that eliminates the need for wallet creations, especially for those who may not be familiar with the world of crypto and NFTs. Instead, players can effortlessly register using a simple email and password combination, removing any barriers to entry.

Our seamless onboarding solution has already undergone rigorous testing and is fully prepared for launch, ensuring that new players can dive into the KING Royal universe without any friction.

In this new chapter, we’re not just inviting players to a game; we’re welcoming them to a community, a culture, and a new way of experiencing the digital realm. Season 2 is our invitation to everyone to join this groundbreaking journey, to step into a world where strategy, skill, and imagination can truly flourish.

For the marketing of KING Royal Season 2, a multifaceted approach is essential. The plan includes engaging ambassadors and influential figures from both traditional and digital realms, avoiding the typical ‘influencer’ label, to create a more genuine and widespread appeal..

A massive marketing push is planned, encompassing not only digital platforms but also real-world interactions. Marketing ambassadors are already booked and you’ll have the opportunity to see them in action in the coming days;

In many developing countries, play-to-earn games are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a practical source of income, and for some, it’s a significant part of their livelihood. To tap into this growing trend, we’ve chosen specific countries to focus our marketing efforts. These places are leading the way in embracing play-to-earn gaming.

To support our efforts, we’ve partnered with KING Royal future ambassadors from both web2 and web3 spaces who will help us spread the word about KING Royal. In the coming days, you’ll get to see them in action.

Our journey towards Season 2 began with a crucial step: expanding the KING Royal map and creating new zones specifically designed to accommodate the BTC KINGs, the celebrated “Guardians of KING Royal.” In Season 1, the limitations of our game world prevented their inclusion. However, as we embarked on the path to Season 2, we recognized the need to enrich the KING Royal experience.

This meticulous planning, which included the expansion of our game world and the creation of dedicated zones for the BTC Kings, reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence to our players. Today, as we unveil the ambitious vision for Season 2, we’re ecstatic to announce that “The Guardians of KING Royal” will usher in a new era of excitement, strategy, and depth to the KING Royal universe.

Furthermore, we’re introducing the BTC Kings as emissaries who will generate rewards through their valiant defence of these specially designed zones. This innovative addition adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy, pushing the boundaries of the KING Royal universe to thrilling new heights.